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Happy New Month loves, thanks for checking out my post again.

The high value woman is a woman that knows her worth. She is confident and sophisticated. Every woman is of high value, most just don’t realize it.



SHE KNOWS HER WORTH: the high value woman knows her worth and is grounded in her values. She sets standards for herself. She knows what she deserves, she knows that she’s the prize, she knows her trust and love has to be earned and not bought. She sets standards for herself and others. She has a clear vision of what she wants from life and goes after it. She believes in herself and doesn’t need anyone’s validation. She isn’t a people pleaser. She sets clear boundaries and doesn’t put up with ill treatment. She knows what she wants and stands for so she doesn’t fall for just anyone or anything. So queen, know your worth and don’t forget it. Value yourself not to settle for less than you deserve. Khalid’s song just popped into my head ( you don’t know your worth, all the things I know that you deserve.)


SHE OWNS HER UNIQUENESS: everyone is unique in their own way, I mean, no one looks exactly like you (that’s if you don’t have an identical twin though but then there are still differences between them). She owns her uniqueness, her flaws and weaknesses. She taps into her strength and enhances them. She doesn’t compare herself to others or worry about others opinion of her to get to her. She is whole and complete in herself and knows she doesn’t have to be or act like someone else. She basks in her uniqueness.


SHE IS CONFIDENT AND TRUE TO HERSELF: there is just something about confident people that attract others to them. The woman of high value is confident in herself. She trusts her intuition and carries herself with poise and walks in grace. She is confident in her abilities but not proud or arrogant. She stays true to herself and her beliefs. She doesn’t try to change herself or be another version of someone else when she can simply be herself. She trusts herself to make good decisions for herself and knows that her value doesn’t lie in her body.

SHE RESPECTS HERSELF AND OTHERS: self respect is essential to her. She respects herself and others. She treats the people the way she wants to be treated. She knows how to carry herself, to dress in the way she wants to be addressed. As the saying goes, respect is reciprocal, she gives people respect and in turn they respect her. She presents herself in a way that demands respect.

SHE INVESTS IN HERSELF: She is committed to learning and growth and building herself. She strives to be a better version of herself and  invests in herself , her personal and spiritual growth. She aims to be physically, mentally and emotionally stable. She is passionate about learning. She reads books and watches things that uplift and expand her knowledge. She invests in things that will add value to her, make her happy and grow to be a better person. She knows she’s her greatest asset.

SHE LOVES HERSELF: she knows she has to love herself before someone else loves her. She accepts herself for who she is. She doesn’t hold her past against her and knows to forgive herself and learn from past mistakes rather than being miserable. She doesn’t wallow in self doubt or self hate. She loves herself the way she is

SHE TAKES CARE OF HERSELF: She takes care of her appearance, she makes sure she looks good at all times and this doesn’t have to do with being vain. She takes care of her health and physical hygiene. She takes good care of mental health and knows to walk away from toxic people and not to hold on to them but to let them go. She knows how to enjoy herself in the presence of herself and others. She does things that makes her happy and puts herself first but not in a way that she appears self centered.

SHE BELIEVES IN THE SUPREME BEING: She believes in God and has faith in Him. She knows He has her back and trusts Him. She obeys the commandment of God and is God fearing. She is in constant interaction with the spirit being and knows she’s the King’s daughter.

SHE IS A WOMAN OF VIRTUE: She has good morals. She is compassionate, kind and caring. She knows she doesn’t need to bring other women down to rise but knows they can all rise together. She is of good character and beautiful inside and out. She loves and takes care of others.

SHE HAS CLASS: she embraces her feminity, she takes care of her appearance and looks. She dresses the way she wants to be addressed, with respect. She talks and walks elegantly. She exudes confidence in an attractive way, has an alluring aura and charisma. She walks in grace and poise, head held high in confidence.

You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be a high value woman. You just have to know your worth. Be confident in yourself, embrace your feminity, love yourself and have a good level of self esteem.

So now you know who the high value woman is, it’s you.





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  1. All of these tips were super helpful and truly inspiring. As a teenage girl this is exactly what I needed and have been searching for. You didn’t write vaguely but instead you went in detail which is exactly what I needed. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you 😊

    1. I’m so glad that you like it. We teenagers tend to struggle with stuffs like this so I decided to write about it. I’m glad you find it helpful, have a lovely day🤗

  2. I loved this article!
    Many of your points resonated with me. I’m still trying to embrace myself fully and set better boundaries.
    It’s tough, but I’m gonna keep working on it. 🙂

    Much love,

    1. I’m glad you did. Keep on working on yourself, you deserve it. 🤗

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