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Hey love, we’re back with a new topic in the single series, we’ve already looked at reasons why you are single and today we’d be looking at the different types of single people. So keep reading to see which category you fall under.

THE ROMANTIC: you’re a die hard rom-com fan. You’ve read every romantic book and watched every romantic movie. You have an expectation of what your boyfriend is going to be like. Piercing blue eyes that makes you want to drown in them, six feet tall so he overshadows you, six packs that you want to trace with your manicured fingers as you lay in bed…you just have an exaggerated idea of what your boyfriend is going to be like and what he’s going to do or how you’re going to meet. You’ve planned all the romantic getaways, how you’d travel to Paris the city of love, how you’d wake up to breakfast in bed, how he’d send lunch to your office with flowers and chocolates, dinner on a yatch with a band serenading you… The list is endless. I’m not going to lie I’m like this too but I’ve come to realize that it may never even happen because we’re in a real world not Hollywood, Wattpad world or Disney world.

THE PERFECTIONIST: you have unreasonable preferences which you misplace for standards. You’re extremely picky about the person you want to date and set unreasonable standards. I have nothing against being picky or setting standards but let them be realistic girl. No guy is ever going to be a hundred percent. We’re all flawed, even you, so quit waiting for the perfect time, perfect place or perfect man. The best things happen to us when we least expect it in a place we wouldn’t even imagine so let go of your unreasonable demands because no guy will ever meet them.

THE DATER: I’m not sure that’s a word though. So “the dater” is always with someone but not with them. You get? You’re just with the person to pass time but you’re not in a relationship or even want a relationship with them. You just like the thrill of going out on dates every week. You have a list of potential boyfriends constantly knocking on the door but just want to have fun rather than being in a committed relationship.

THE DESPERATE CHICK: you just want to be in a relationship as long as it’s with someone. As soon as you notice the slightest bit of interest in you, you give them your all hoping for a long lasting relationship which most of the time never happens because they can smell your desperation from a mile away and end up breaking your heart. You’re eager to be in a relationship and would just take anyone that comes just because you don’t want to be alone. You don’t have to be desperate just be patient it will surely work out in the end.

THE I DON’T CARE CHICK: you couldn’t care less if you were in a relationship or not. You don’t have the time and energy for one and you’re not bothered or interested in the people who wants to be with you. You don’t seem to get why people freak out over their relationship and partners, to you it’s no big deal.

THE INDEPENDENT WOMAN: you’re happy with being single, contented even, after all you’re free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want and arrive whenever you please without consulting anyone. You’re content with yourself and understand that you don’t need someone to be complete because you’re taking the time to love and invest in yourself.

THE JEALOUS TYPE: you’re so jealous of people in a relationship and envy them because you’re not in one. You just seem to have something against people in a relationship and can’t stand the sight of one because you wished you were in one and someone is treating you the way the other person is treated. You’re the type that will instantly get jealous when your friend is gushing about her new boo. There’s no need to be jealous, you’re surely going to experience all the things you dream about. You should keep all your insecurities and fears on a leash and accept that you would be in one soon and learn to be happy for others in a relationship and instead of looking at them with jealousy try being happy for them and look at them with admiration.

THE OBSESSIVE CHICK: you’re overly desperate to be in a relationship. You don’t value yourself and think being in a relationship will complete you. You’re constantly thinking of being in a relationship, how to get the guy, how to keep him forever. You’re too desperate that it’s no longer healthy and it’s affecting your mental health.

THE CLOCK WATCHERS: you’re constantly fretting about how much time you have left to get married, get pregnant and have a baby after all you’re not getting older and time waits for no man. You’re not really bothered about the type of person you end up with as long as you can be classified as taken, married or a mother. Please be patient, good things take time. Would you rather jump into something that wouldn’t work and would drain you physically, mentally and financially in the end when you can wait a few years to get the good lasting relationship?

THE DEJECTED SINGLE: you’re sad that you’re single, you feel like you’re missing out on a lot by being by yourself. You’re not content with the single life and feel you can only be happy and fulfilled when you are married or have someone. There’s no need to feel this way, do things that will make you happy, take this time to know and love yourself when you do this surely you’d find someone.

THE SPIRITUAL SINGLE: you’re single based on your beliefs and religion and also because you don’t want to have an excuse to involve yourself in any sexual act because you want to keep your purity. You’re waiting patiently for the man God has for you and you don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t have the same values and beliefs as you.

So now you know the different types of single people. Let me know another type that I didn’t list and comment on which category you belong to or belonged to.

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  1. Great post, amazing post… I think you covered them all.

    I definitely fall under the romantic category.

  2. I loved this post! I definitely fell into the romantic/jealous single category back when I was single.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you’re in a relationship now

  3. Great post – I think if I was still single I would be the independent woman.

  4. Great Post I am definitely a romantic! Planned all the getaways in my head already. After all wishes do come true sometimes.

    1. I’m a romantic too. Damn, it’ll be nice if those wishes come true

  5. Reblogged this on Fire Cracker and commented:
    This is a great read! I am definitely a romantic, made all the plans in my head already. After all wishes sometimes come true.

      1. You welcome

  6. Interesting post. I learned a lot from reading this. I have to say that I’m the romantic type with a mixture of independent woman. I love Cheesy and down to earth romance. But since I can’t find the kind of romance I want yet…..I rather be independent and focus on building my empire first. Hopefully, I will find the kind of person I’m looking for while building my empire. That’s what I believe.

    1. I love this. I like that you’re focusing on building your empire and hopefully you’d find the kind of person you want.

  7. breaking single people down into “types” honestly is something I’ve never thought of! really gives you new perspective. super cool post!

  8. I think u mentioned all…and I think if it included dudes I would fall under perfectionist 😂
    Still working on myself tho…but I do it cause I get the same girl Everytime I try…so I believe it is a sign that God I’d trying to tell me to chill and wait a little longer 🤣

  9. I am a definite ‘ I don’t care’ with a drop of perfectionist 😌. I believe you’ve got all the groups covered, great post

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  11. I am a bit of the spiritual and I don’t care single right now ,though I like a little bit of romance ,I am constantly reminded that things don’t play out that way in reality .
    Nice one sis !

  12. I absolutely love this post! I personally like being single and feel like it’s underrated nowadays 😅

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely underrated 😀

  13. Haha I would have fallen into so many of these… romantic, perfectionist, obsessive. Great job listing them all out!

    1. Thanks 😊
      I would have too.

  14. I am more of independent but also hopeless romantic one. HAHA Great post.

    BLOG- https://jenyscloset.wixsite.com/jenyscloset/post/cute-coordinates

    1. Same here. Lol. Thanks 😊

  15. I’m not single but I love this post! When I was, I think I was a mix of the dater and the independent woman!

  16. I am not very good with the different types of single people (or the different types of couples, for that matter), so, as a writer exploring previously unexplored ground with a range of different female characters, I love this handy look at different people!
    I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of single girl I am . . . 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you’ve discovered something through this post. You could fall under different categories also.

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