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Hey loves, how has your week been? Today’s post is about dealing with insecurities. I’m writing this for everyone that feels they are not good enough or something about them is not good enough. Believe me when I say you are more than enough. Everyone has their flaws and insecurities, no one is perfect even celebrities have their insecurities so don’t beat yourself up about that thing about you that you don’t love, don’t focus too much on it and learn to love it or work on it.

First, I’d like you to ask yourself this question, what makes you feel insecure, what are you insecure about? Whatever comes to your mind is what we need to tackle but now let’s look at causes of your insecurities.

Criticism: have you been criticized in the past or bullied? Has someone made fun of your hair, your teeth, your skin colour, your weight? Someone constantly talking down on you, telling you negative things about yourself might cause you to accept it, believe it and fear to showcase it for fear of being laughed at or criticized. I’ve been laughed at because of my hair, my edges aren’t the best in the world and sometimes I’d even cry because of it especially when someone makes fun of it and the whole room thinks it’s a joke. It made me hide my hair for fear of being laughed at or criticized but now I’ve come to accept it. So criticism can make us feel insecure about ourselves that a certain part of us isn’t good enough.

Lack of self love: do you love yourself? Do you accept every part of you? If you don’t love yourself and accept yourself and own your flaws you’re likely to feel insecure. Do you hate your weight? The way you talk? The constant pimples on your face? Your never changing gap tooth? You need to accept them so you can feel secure with them.

Limiting beliefs: what limiting beliefs do you have that’s making you feel insecure about yourself? What do you tell yourself? What do you believe about yourself? Are you constantly telling yourself you’re not good enough, that you’re not deserving of happiness, that your body can never look good, that your skin will never be as good as you want? Let go of those limiting beliefs.

Negative self talk: what is the thing that you say to yourself? Are you speaking good about yourself or just focusing on the bad and ugly? Are you telling yourself that you can’t achieve anything, that you’d never get the job? Learn to say good things about yourself.

Personal flaw: is there something that is part of you that you don’t like, that you’re not happy about but you just can’t change? Having a personal flaw that you’re not comfortable with can make you feel insecure about it.

Rejection: are you insecure because you’ve been rejected? Rejection sucks and hurts I know. Rejection can make you feel insecure and fear doing some certain things. Were you rejected from that job and now you’re feeling that you’re not good enough for the job and you’re not certain that you want to face the same thing again? Rejection can make you fear taking up some particular tasks because you don’t think you’re good enough for it. Rejection can even make you question your self worth.

Social media: are you feeling insecure because of what you see on social media? The girl with the perfect feed, ever glowing skin, make up on fleek, perfect hair, lovely shoes and then it makes you feel insecure because you’re not like that and start comparing yourself to others?


Self love: LOVE YOURSELF, own your flaws, accept them, love every bit of yourself. Every part of you that you don’t like, love it. If you can’t love it then work to get rid of it if it will make you happy and confident .in yourself.

Have affirmations: have affirmations to kill your negative self talk, for everything that you are insecure about write them down and write down something positive for each of them. Speak good things about yourself. Don’t dwell on the negative focus on the positive. If you don’t like your gap tooth, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that your gap tooth is amazing, it makes you unique, it makes you beautiful. Have positive affirmations to kill your negative self talk, don’t forget that.

Let go of criticism: let go of past criticism, let go of those harmful words that are engraved in your mind, don’t hold on to negative things about you that makes you think you can’t do anything or don’t know anything, erase them, wipe them away from your memory. Forgive the people that have said harmful things to you, don’t hold on to their words just let go, embrace the peace that comes from letting go.

Change your mindset: change your beliefs, change the way you see yourself, have a positive mindset shift. Don’t dwell in the past or focus on the things you can’t do or don’t have. Be positive, change your perspective, change the way you talk about yourself.

Work on it: work on the thing you’re insecure about. If you have pimples all over your face, work on getting rid of them if you’re not comfortable with it, change your skincare routine. Work on your weight if you don’t like it, take that exercise instead of always feeling insecure about your body, eat the right foods. If you’re not comfortable with where you are now then take yourself to where you want to be.

Don’t compare yourself to others: if you want to let go of your insecurities then don’t compare yourself to others, it only builds your insecurities. Don’t put yourself in situations that makes you compare yourself. Don’t do that, instead admire yourself and be happy with yourself.

I hope this has been able to help you in a way to take a step to deal with your insecurities. Don’t beat yourself up about them and don’t focus on them, love yourself and accept yourself. You are complete, you are amazing, you’re more than enough, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, you are more than enough.

Thanks for reading, let me know which insecurities you’ve had, what caused them and how you were able to deal with them.

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  1. When it comes to this topic about my loved ones or my friends, I have so much advice to give. Yet when it’s about myself I don’t follow my own advice. I loved this! Thank you 😁

    1. Thanks for reading 😃

    2. Wow, this one really hit home for me. I struggle with insecurities all the time! Thank you for this!

      1. I’m glad you find it helpful. Thanks for reading and I hope you get over your insecurities 🤗

  2. I’ve had several insecurities with my size..I’m slim and all..came from criticism at home that you eat but there’s nowhere they’re going or this clothe would look good on you if you had hips..I remember j even downloaded an app to do workouts and grow hips and buttocks ( not like I dont have them..I just wanted bigger ones😂so I thought why try)
    You know I left all that and decided to love me for me and as much as I’m scared no ones gonna love this girl coz I’m not curved enough..I believe if someone one day gets to know me more than what they see then they’d still do
    Thanks for the post..it really helped me more

    1. I also get told that I keep eating and there’s nowhere the food is going to because I’m slim😂 and then no guy will want you because you are “flat”😂 I’ve just learnt not to bother myself with that because I like the way I am. And you want someone to like you for you not your body so don’t feel bad. Thanks for reading 🤗

      1. That makes the two of us😂😂👏🏼
        I’m glad we’re all positive😊😊

      2. @Just shan
        That actually makes three of us

  3. Lately I’ve been insecure about my weight. However since I’ve started eating and working out better, I’m more confident because I’m taking care of me. These are amazing tips. Thank you for sharing

    1. It’s good that you’re working out and taking care of yourself. Thanks for reading 😃

  4. Really helpful post. We should all learn to embrace and love who we are, especially our flaws…..

  5. Great post as usual! I love your content. Everything you share is so important. I think that mindset shift and positive affirmations are the keys to a life free of insecurities and negative thoughts!

    1. Thank you so much ♥️. Yeah, mindset shift and positive affirmations are the key😎

  6. This is a very helpful post.
    I’ve frequently dealt with insecurities. A lot of it, for me, has been trouble with self-love. I have a few different affirmations that I say each day, I take time to myself, and watch how I talk to myself. Some days are better than others, but my insecurities are starting to lessen!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad that they are starting to lessen. Keep up the work with the affirmations. Thanks for reading🤗

  7. This is very empowering and helpful. While I come off confident and sure, I realize deep down my insecurities have been holding me back from reaching my full potential. Trusting myself has been something I’ve always struggled with but using these tips, I know I can be my best self if I put a little work into it. Thanks for the help love, I appreciate you!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it 🤗

  8. Great post! Self love is so important and I’m glad you’re creating a discussion about it!

    1. Yeah it’s really important. Thanks for reading 🤗

  9. This is a definitely a good read and needed!!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you find it helpful 😀

  10. This is a great article to read. I have been bullied at school and it does still affect my life from time to time even it happened long time ago. Your article reminds about self-love and seeing yourself in a positive light is so important to learn to get over insecurities.

    1. Yeah, you have to see yourself in a positive light and love yourself. You’ve got this🤗Thanks for reading 😀.

  11. This is a great post! My main insecurities were always sparked by social media so ive spent the past month trying to mute or unfollow accounts that trigger insecurities and its already made a massive difference x

    Roni | myelevatedexistence.com

    1. That’s a good thing to do😀

  12. Great tips.
    God bless you more!

  13. Yes to all of the above! I’m an incredibly insecure person but over time I’ve realised that there are some things I can change (such as my weight) to make me (hopefully) less insecure, and other things I can’t change (such as my moles) that I just have to make peace with and try and embrace. Brilliant post!

    1. It’s nice that you are working on the things you can change and embracing what you can’t. Good job, thanks for reading 😀

  14. I love this post and it was very relatable!! I think for me the main security I have is the personal flaws I have, noone is perfect I know but I tend to dwell too much on my weaknesses rather than focus on the strengths! I loved this post and your tips have helped me today!

    1. Thanks. I’m glad that the post has helped you 🤗

  15. I totally agree with what you’ve written and for anyone really struggling to overcome their insecurities, I recommend Psychotherapy.

    1. Thanks, that’s a good recommendation 😃

  16. Love your whole site really great vibe. Glad I found you

    1. Thank you 😊. I’m glad you found me and hope to be of help to you.🤗

  17. Each of us is unique and beautiful creation. Most of the time beauty has been dictated as flawless skin, of sort of beauty, too perfect! There’s so much beauty in each individual and I hope this is what should be celebrated! We are all beautiful 💕

    1. Yes, the description of beauty has been twisted and we have to understand that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

  18. Very helpful thanks. I’ve live the point about not being afraid of criticism but to live and accept what we consider our flaws as they are, also the point on limiting beliefs. I just recently discovered how I had many of these and ice been working on breaking them, changing my perspective on many things and it’s an interesting journey.

    1. That’s lovely. The first step is that you’re working on them. I hope you enjoy your journey and look past your flaws and rise above your limiting beliefs. Have a great week😀

      1. Thanks for the good wishes, I will enjoy and heed to your advice🙂.

        1. You’re welcome, have a great day 🤗

  19. Very nice article. It made me realized how far I’ve come with developing self-love. This quarantine I started focusing on myself. I started taking care of myself. I always doubted myself in the past. I used to think too little of myself. But these past few months have been my healthiest days in my entire life. I cut ties with people that made me feel so low, I surrounded myself with people that I love and started doing the things that I was too conscious to do in the past. Developing self-love is so powerful. ❤️

    1. That’s amazing, it’s so nice that you’re focusing on yourself and taking care of yourself more because you deserve the attention from you. It’s also brave of you to cut ties with people that made you feel low and it’s awesome you love yourself now and you’re surrounding yourself with people that loves you. Self love is truly powerful ♥️

  20. It’s really hard to deal with insecurities right now, especially when everyone is posting how perfect their life is. You can’t help but to compare. That is why I’m limiting myself with using social media these days 😅

    1. Yes, social media paints a perfect picture and perfect lives for us and taking a break from it is needed sometimes.

  21. Thanks for this. It’s hard not to compare myself to others that seem to not share the same flaws but I’m working on it!

  22. Struggling with my insecurities has been one of my longest, toughest battles, but I’ve been getting better everyday. These are some really helpful and informative tips you’ve listed. The self-criticism and social media have been some of my strongest enemies, but changing my mindset has really helped alleviate the urge to be insecure about myself and comparing myself to others. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Yes, changing your mindset is where the real work starts from. It’s good to know that you’ve been getting better and I’m glad you found some helpful tips. Thanks for reading 🤗

  23. Thank you for the lovely read. I still have insecurities but I always tell myself “everyone’s too busy rushing around to notice your pimple or crooked teeth”
    For anxiety I like to tell myself “I’ve survived the last 10 “crises” where I was sure I was going to die [of embarrasment] but look I’m still alive” 😅🤣

    1. Thanks for sharing and reading 😃. We’re greater than our insecurities 💪

  24. For as long as I can remember I’ve been insecure! I even have it mentioned on my school reports! I’m currently in therapy to try and change my mindset. I’ll get there!
    Daisy xoxo | According To Daisy

    1. It’s wonderful that you’re doing something about it. I hope you get to change your mindset and be free from your insecurities. I’m wishing you all the best🤗

  25. I love how you first go into a list of insecurities and then share ways to remedy them. Affirmations and self-care are two of my favorite ways to get to know myself better as well as learn what to accept and what to say goodbye to when it comes to criticism.

    1. Thank you. It’s nice that you have affirmations and practice self care.

  26. This is so so true! We often compare our behind the scenes with the world’s finished work! It’s time we start loving ourselves a little more and say goodbye to the evil twin sitting in our head! Great post:)
    Written something similar, would love to know what you think!


    1. Yes we often do that. Thanks, I’d check it out ♥️

  27. Great post here friend. Insecurity is an important topic. People who are not confident aim lower and do not accomplish all that they desire. So, we need to talk about it. You have given great tips in this post. Another great roadmap is God. Building confidence is not something that can be achieved at a superficial level. Confidence comes from the inside, so changes to confidence must come from the inside. Dressing pretty would not increase one’s confidence. For people who are not confident, even when they achieve big things, they suffer from imposter syndrome and feel unworthy. So, it is internal. We all have that inner critical voice that tells us that we are not good enough. We need to silence that voice with the loving voice of God. We find the loving voice of God in the word of God.

    The Bible says in Song of Solomon 4:7
    You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

    The Bible says Psalm 139:14
    I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

    To anyone who is interested in connecting with God, I have a post that can help here;


    You can check out the blog post above. If the information is too overwhelming for you, then you can start slow and work your way up gradually. If you want to stay updated and you want more posts from me, you can follow my blog. I post about God, faith and Christian Spirituality.

    If you ever need to talk, then send me a message on the “Contact” section of my page.

    May God’s blessing be with you, Amen. 🙂

  28. This post is so important! It took me years to fully love myself and accept who I was. Really fab tips here x


    1. Yes it’s really important to accept yourself fully. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  29. I find that getting older helps with insecurities. I care a lot less what people think of me. Incidentally, your hair is lovely. 😀

  30. Insecurities and it’s lovely sister Imposter Syndrom suck big time. Thank you for taking the topic on.

    1. Thanks for reading, I’ll be taking its “lovely sister.” soonest

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