How to do a monthly review of your goals: 10 simple tips on reviewing your goals.

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Hey love, it’s the end of the month, I’m pretty excited for the new month. This month went by in a flash and here we are at the end of the month already. At the beginning of the month, I published a post on what are your goals for the month?. I shared my goals for the month and I want to share the review of the goals. If you have any difficulty in setting goals, check out my post on how to set goals and achieve them.

I believe we all set goals for the month or a to do list of things we wanted to accomplish by the month and since it’s the last day of the month it’s a good time to review them and prepare for the next month.

Reviewing your goals can be very helpful, it allows you to measure the success of your goals, the things you were able to accomplish and the things you were not able to.

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Take a look at the goals you set and look at everything that led up to you setting them, working towards them and achieving them.


Take a look at your goals and assess what you accomplished and what you didn’t. For the ones you accomplished, how did you accomplish them, what did you have to do and for the ones you didn’t accomplish, assess why you didn’t accomplish them.


We all have things going on in our lives, make a list of things that happened during the month that affected your goals. It could be your change in mindset, your productivity, your health and so on. List out the things that happened in the month that you were grateful for or excited about and how it affected you to work towards your goals.


We all have different goals for every areas of our lives. Write down your top three achievements under those areas. What were the top three things you achieved in the month that you are most proud of?


Track your goals of the previous month and compare it with your accomplishments of this month. How much more did you do, how much did you grow, what were the areas you saw an increase in?


Look at the areas you still want to develop in, update them, add to your goals, add make them better.


Take a look at the things that worked for you and the things that didn’t. Look out for ways to improve on them. Look at the mistakes you made and how to avoid them. What is the one thing you could do to improve your productivity, what is the mistake you can avoid next time?


Let go of some goals if you have to. It could be that the time frame you’ve set for it is too short or you’ve tried everything you can and it doesn’t look like you’ll be achieving it or you are doing much than you can handle. It’s okay to let go of them, you can go back to them later but in the meantime focus on the ones that are very important to you.


Take a look at what you couldn’t accomplish in this month and add it to your goals for the next. What are the things you couldn’t complete and how do you plan on completing them? Finish your unfinished business.


After reviewing your goals for the month, go over the goals for the next month. Set your goals the right way. Have an action plan, set goals that are A.B.C and SMART and if you don’t know about these terms click on the link above.

Reviewing your goals are very good and you should try doing it once in a while. You could do it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It helps you see where you are at and pushes you to do more. You will be able to see how much you’ve accomplished, what you are yet to do, let go of the ones that are not forthcoming and add an update where necessary.

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So in the beginning of the month, I wrote a list of things that I wanted to accomplish, you can check out my goals for the month. Most of my goals were centered on growing my social media pages, my Instagram and twitter to be precise. I’m glad that I was able to achieve most of the things I wanted to despite how the month was.

In my last post I mentioned that I had an assignment of 6,000 words that I wasn’t happy about but I still had to do so that took most of my time in researching, writing and actually typing it. The stress was just too much and then the worst thing happened, two days to the deadline for submission, before I could submit it, the whole thing wiped out. Damn, I was so sad that day and really frustrated because I had to start again but I’m so glad that I was able to meet up to the deadline, complete it again and submit it successfully. I feel so free right now. So I’m apologizing for not posting last week, I had a lot going on. But despite all that this month was really amazing and has been like my best month so far since the outbreak of the pandemic. I don’t know maybe it was because I set goals for the month and was excited about accomplishing them or maybe it’s because of what happened during the month.

Having a goal and a deadline for accomplishing them can help put a bit of pressure on you which could either make you or break you. Despite everything, I managed to grow my Instagram followers from 560 followers to 1030 and my Twitter from 900 to 2300. I also made progress with my Pinterest too and I was able to get clicks and views from it.

So don’t forget to keep track of your progress by
reviewing your goals and reward yourself for it at the end.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading. Tap to like, share with your friends and family and leave a comment below.

Do you review your goals , how often do you review them and which tips do you often use in reviewing your goals?

Comment if you’ll like to read a post on how I’m growing my Twitter account and getting traffic from it and leave a suggestion of how you’ve grown your Twitter account.

To help you set your goals for success you’ll need a planner to help you write out your goals and track your success, get your 2022 goal setting planner here

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  1. I think that assessing our work plan into achieving our goals is necessary to know which practices are working for us and which are not. It’s also good to keep track of our progress so that we can reward ourselves and appreciate more of what we’re doing! 😊 Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish my goals this august because our internet sucks but I think I can set those goals for september too, I always say that I have the time and I’m in no hurry to achieve my goals because they really take time. 😊 congratulations on your achievements this august, nianni! Many more to come! 💕

    1. Thanks 😊
      Assessing our work plan is essential. It makes us know what’s working for us and what it isn’t and also help us keep track of out progress. Yeah, you can definitely continue your unfinished goals in the next month and there’s absolutely no need for rush as long as we’re still making progress and working towards it.
      Thanks ♥️

  2. This makes me want to go write out and assess my goals right now.

    1. That’s good. I’m glad the post inspired you♥️

  3. I love this. we can never get enough of hearing about goals. Great advice and enthusiasm.

    1. Yes we can’t. Thanks 😊

  4. Your assignment got wiped, and two days to the deadline? I would have fainted… No kidding. Welldone. Enjoyed this post cos I also had goals set for the month and this will help a great deal.

    1. Yeah I was crying at one point but I knew it wouldn’t solve it so I had to just start over. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found it helpful ♥️

  5. Great list very good advice for a tough year that 2020 has been.

    1. Thanks. No matter how tough it is, we’ll overcome it.💪

  6. Great advice you pointed out here 🙌🏾
    Sometimes, knowing just isn’t enough, we have to write our goals down and follow up!
    I feel excited already because I know with all this knowledge now, my goals for the new months would definitely be better than the last one!
    Thank you for this post !!!

    1. You’re welcome. I hope you smash your goals.💯

  7. This is a good, common-sense guide. When we finally emerge from the pandemic, many will need a way of finding their way forward and assessing their lives. This is a great resource for them and for all.

  8. Great tips! I think it’s soooooo important to set time each month (or even each week) to reflect on what is working and what isn’t, so that you can make the necessary adjustments and achieve your goals! I especially like the part about taking time to recognize your achievements. So many people skip that part!

    1. Yes, it’s really important to review your goals periodically so that you know what you could do, adjust or add. And yes, we need to recognize our achievements and reward ourselves for it and not be too hard on ourselves.

  9. I am like to plan. It keeps us motivated and focused on the goal. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading, planning really helps us a lot and it’s essential that we plan things before doing them.

  10. A great post, reflecting on our goals before and after is so important. I got into manifesting in the beginning of the year and I really love it because with it I’ve had to set some clear goals. I also got a journal that forces me to stay focused on those goals and reflect on them daily, weekly and monthly.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. Yes, reflecting on our goals before and after is very important. It’s nice that you’ve gotten into manifesting and journaling. Well done🤗

  11. This is a super helpful post. Reviewing your goals is so important.

    1. Yes, it’s really helpful and important 💯

  12. Yes! It’s so important to review one’s goals and also celebrate the little victories along the way.
    These are great tips! Thank you.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

    1. Yes, it’s very important to review and celebrate your wins no matter how little. Thanks ♥️

  13. I actually do this on a weekly basis and I find it so helpful to feel productive and stay on track with my goals. Great article

    1. Thanks for reading. It’s nice that you review your goals weekly. Well done.

  14. I love this, especially #8! I often feel like I clutter myself and can’t focus because I have sooo many goals! I think this will help me be more productive this month.

    1. Thanks for reading, you should definitely try letting go of some goals or postponing them. Don’t overwhelm yourself. I hope it helps you be more productive ♥️

  15. I’ve never thought about reviewing my goals for the month. I’m always looking ahead. This was an interesting read and a great practice to have. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m glad that you learnt something from the post. You should definitely try reviewing your goals, it could be daily, weekly or monthly, whichever works best for you. 💯

  16. I love that you share a little about your goals at the end of your post!
    Goals are constantly changing so keeping track of our achievements is a great way to stay motivated and have a clear idea of what we need to get done next. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. Yes, our goals keeps on changing and we need to keep track of them.

  17. I really like how you included reviewing your achievements from the previous month. I think it’s so important to not let yourself get so focused on the future goals that you forget what you’ve already accomplished. Great tips here for sure!

    1. Yes. Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed with what we want to achieve that we fail to see what we’ve already achieved. You should definitely try reviewing your goals. Thanks ♥️
      Have a great day 🤗

  18. This is a really helpful post. Tracking and assessing my goals more often has definitely helped me to achieve more.

    1. I’m glad you find it helpful. Yes, reviewing your goals really helps a lot. It’s nice that you do it. All the best with your goals.

  19. Abundance of Flavor

    These tips really inspired me to look at my progress for august! it’s so important to reflect on our goals and plan for the future, and it’s rewarding to see when you have met them! thanks for sharing

    1. I’m glad it inspired you. It’s really important to reflect on our goals as often as we can and it’s so amazing when you finally accomplish them. Thanks for reading.

  20. I really enjoy setting monthly goals and so I really appreciate you sharing these tips!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pixee xo || Thats What Pea Said

    1. It’s good that you set monthly goals and I’m glad you found the tips helpful. Thanks for reading.🤗

  21. Wow, I love this way of reviewing your goals. It’s actually my favourite time of the month when I go over my achievements and set new goals for the next month. I’ll definitely be referring back to your post when I next assess my goals, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you find it helpful and it’s always good to review your goals. Thanks for reading, do check out other posts.🤗

  22. Amazing post! I was doing nothing for months at home… No motivation at all, so this month I started working again and I’m doing a 30 days fitness challenge, I took pictures the first day and I’m working out every day. I hope I won’t give up, at the end if the month ill review my goals ehehe

    1. That’s lovely. I hope you get to complete the challenge and don’t give up, you’ve got this 💪

  23. Hi Nianni. Well done with hitting your goals. It must have been soul-destroying to have lost that 6,000 word piece of work. To have to twice prepare an assignment that big is a huge time commitment – I’m amazed you managed to hit any goals! Good for you 🙂 By the way, I think your comment about letting go of some goals is really important – if you have an unachievable goal, for whatever reason, then it is just going to bring you down. Cut it loose and move on!

    1. Yeah, I was really frustrated and nearly gave up on the assignment but I’m glad that it’s in the past now. Thanks, it was quite hard working on my consistency with my goals and my assignment. Yes, we really need to learn how to let go of some goals. 💯
      Thanks for commenting 🤗

      1. Hey nianni, as usual I love this blog but what if the economy doesn’t support you in some of the goals u set. For example my goal last month was to do 3dance videos and post them on my IG page but because of the economy I was only able to do one and that was because it was in my room but the other were meant to be done at different locations but when I got there I wasn’t allowed. So now I have set it out and told myself I would do it in my compound but it would have a lot of editing

        Happy that u were able to reach ur goals for last month… congrats 😉👏

  24. postcardstoriesblog

    A helpful post! My problem is that I usually lose track of my goals during the month.

    1. I’m glad you find it helpful. Check out my posts on how to set goals and questions to ask yourself when setting goals for effective ways to set goals that you can achieve. You’ll want to have a notepad and write out what you want to accomplish, how, why and when.

  25. I’m so glad you wrote this! Some people don’t realize the importance of letting go of goals. If they are working towards making you better, than you should let them go and move on!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, most people don’t understand that it’s okay to let go of some goals if it’s not working out for them or making them be better but instead bitter. We can always let go of some goals and move on or postpone it to the future if it’s hard to accomplish at the moment.

  26. I should work so much more with actual tangible goals! I always work with data, but not really with future things, only with ideas I want to bring to life. Thank you for pushing me in the right direction!

    1. I’m glad the post inspired you. Thanks for reading and good luck with your goals. 💯

  27. Hey nianni, as usual I love this blog but what if the economy doesn’t support you in some of the goals u set. For example my goal last month was to do 3dance videos and post them on my IG page but because of the economy I was only able to do one and that was because it was in my room but the other were meant to be done at different locations but when I got there I wasn’t allowed. So now I have set it out and told myself I would do it in my compound but it would have a lot of editing

    Happy that u were able to reach ur goals for last month… congrats 😉👏

  28. I think a lot of people have the best intentions when setting goals, however, they overlook the importance of not only setting their goals – but also in checking their progress and reassessing to improve performance moving forward!

    1. Yes, not everyone tracks their progress or review their goals and it’s quite important.

  29. So, hear me out… I think even just having the goals written down and reviewing them each morning keeps us on track to achieve them subconsciously. I have experienced this and I believe in the power of just have goals and writing them down. It’s such a powerful practice.

    1. Yes it is, writing it down and reviewing it from time to time is a very powerful practice. Having a vision board and looking at it too can really help.

  30. I love numbers 3 and 4. Something I don’t do and would like to encorporate. I haven’t really heard too many people talking of #3 list down the important things which happen during the month so cudos for bringing that to the fore. Seems like it could be a game changer.
    I was just wondering how much time you put aside for these introspections? A few minutes, hours or does it vary? I imagine it varies for different people.

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