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Hey loves, I’m starting the weekend with this blog tag by Isabelle Blue Bell blonde and I was tagged by Chocoviv, thanks for the tag, do check out her lifestyle blog.


1. Answer all questions added by various bloggers before you. You can share their answers if you like.

2. Add and answer 3-5 questions of your own.

3. Tag 3 friends


What is your name, psuedonym and blog name?

My name is Anita, my psuedonym and blog name is Nianni

What is your favourite colour?

I don’t have one in particular but I really love white and black. Lately I’ve also taken a liking to pastels.

What’s your favourite food?

I love jollof rice and fried rice.

What’s your favourite season?

We don’t have seasons like summer, winter and the rest and it’s just rainy season and dry season and I prefer dry season.

What’s your favourite holiday?

My favourite holiday is New year’s holiday, it’s just always exciting.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

It’s a draw between Twitter and Instagram. I’ve always liked Instagram but I just have a liking to Twitter now and it is where I spend majority of my time on and gain traffic for my blog so I guess it speaks for itself.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

My favourite thing to do is read, I really like reading and writing then spending time on social media engaging with other people.

Which country will you love to visit?

I can’t pick one in particular, I have a list of countries I’ll love to visit with Paris topping the list.

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  1. This was such a nice post to get to know you more! I agree about Twitter, I never used to like it all that much until I started blogging more regularly and now I love it!

    Tash // A Girl with a View

    1. Thanks, yeah Twitter became fun for me when I started blogging.

  2. Congratulations Nianni (Anita) on your well-deserved tag. I loved reading your answers and getting to know a bit more about you. New year is one of my favourite times too 🙂

    1. Thank you, maybe I’ll do a get to know me post sometime. Yeah, New year is nice. Thanks for checking out the post. 🤗

  3. Congratulations!

    It’s such a fun read. Thanks for sharing a bit of you with us.

  4. Congratulations Anita, on your well-deserved tag. Loved reading your answers and getting to know a bit more about you. Have a blessed Monday Nianni

    1. Thank you. Have a great day. 🤗

  5. I loved this post! You should do more tag posts! You could type in your niche(s) and ‘tag’ in the search box to see what pops up… The travel question is pretty difficult, in my opinion, as well. I saw the following statement on Facebook and loved it, it totally fit me! And, I think it may resonate with you as well: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ~(unknown)

    1. Thanks, I’m thinking to do like 35 questions to get to know me more and I totally like the response : “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

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