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Hey loves, I’m doing a proper introduction of myself today, so it’s going to be thirty questions to get to know me better.

1. Who are you?

I’m Anita Mokogwu and I’m from Nigeria, Delta State. I am really passionate about growth and becoming the best version of myself and I want others to grow too.

2. When were you born?

I was born on the 7th of December, my birthday was some days ago. πŸŽ‰

3. What did you want to become when you were younger?

I was thinking about this some days ago and I was just laughing. So when I was younger, I really liked Barbie and Hannah Montana like crazy so for the Hannah Montana part, I wanted to become a singer and an actress. I like the whole being a celebrity thing, having fans and just living the glitz and the glam. It’s still something I would like to happen though but I know it’s not going to work out with being a singer so most likely an actress but it’s not something I’m actively working towards.

For Barbie, I wanted to be this model turned fashion designer that designs clothes for celebrities and is well known and having my own clothing line and store. I was really obsessed with this at a point. I started drawing all these princess gowns especially those from colouring books and I have to say, they really looked great and then after watching Her Mother’s daughter, a phillipine series I moved to drawing shoes and then I watched Her Legend, a Korean drama and then I started drawing bags but I hardly do any of that these days. I still like the idea of having a fashion store and clothing line though but that’s that.

4. Are you a morning or night person?

Morning person definitely. I get so tired and sleepy at night and don’t really do much.

5. Are you left handed or right handed?

Right, I can barely do much with my left.

6. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Introvert. I really keep to myself a lot and don’t really like going out and being extra and outgoing but it’s something I’m working on though.

7. Do you bite your nails?

Lol, who doesn’t?

I don’t really bite them though, it’s just occasionally when I’m bored and nervous or when my nails break and I just want to bite it off. My nails are pretty long though, I just get carried away and bite them off sometimes.

8. Do you have pets?

No I don’t, I’m scared of dogs and although cats are cute I can’t keep one because there’s just this ugly notion that cats are witches lol but a cute puppy will still be alright though.

9. Do you sing in the shower?

Absolutely, almost every time. I even hold private concerts and depending on my mood it could range from gospel songs to Nigerian songs and rap, I just find it fun and freeing.

10. How tall are you?

I like to think I’m 5’9 but I’m really 5’8 and I might be the shortest in my family because I don’t get the rate at which my siblings are growing these days.

11. What’s one of your pet peeves?

Late replies or someone just ignoring me, it really annoys me and hurts me but it is what it is.

12. Favourite colour, food and drink.

My favourite colours are white and black and I mentioned that I’ve taken a liking to pastels and neutrals.

My favourite food is jollof rice, it’s just so sweet especially party jollof rice, it’s so tempting and I love Pepsi.

13. What’s your favourite social media channel?

I don’t have a favourite for now since I’m trying not to get so addicted to social media but it’s between Instagram and Twitter but I’m mostly on WhatsApp and I’ve also been trying to build my audience on Facebook.

14. Favourite TV show when you were young

Definitely Hannah Montana and I really liked wizard of the Waverly place too.

15. Are you scared of height?

Yes I am. I don’t even like climbing stairs that are too high and are open or those snake steps, they really freak me out.

16. First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

WhatsApp. I usually just check it to reply messages from the day before. It’s the only app I check these days.

17. What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?

I imagine the type of life I want, watch YouTube videos, write whatever comes to mind or just scroll through social media.

18. Texting or phone calls?

I prefer phone calls because I get to hear directly from the person and know how they truly feel about something but I can be texting someone and put lol even when I don’t find anything funny, I hardly use lol though.

19. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

I love Breeny Lee, Isabelle Palacios, Lavendaire. Then my Nigerian favourite YouTubers are Dinma Umeh, Kelechi Mgbemena, Valerie Egbuniwe and IamDodos.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

20. Which do you prefer American or British accent?

I love British accent especially if it’s a guy that’s speaking I think that’s why I like Stromzy songs so much aside from the fact that his music is good, his accent is just wow.

21. What languages will you like to be fluent in?

Everyone that knows me knows I like French and I’m working on being fluent in it after that then I’ll start learning Spanish, I think it’s sexy and Wattpad stories just made me fall in love with Italian even if I haven’t really heard someone speak it I find it romantic.

22. Heels or flats?

I’m not a fan of either. I prefer sandals if at all but you’ll mostly catch me wearing slippers or sneakers. I don’t even have a pair of heels and can barely walk with them, hopefully that changes soon.

23. Something you probably didn’t know.

I think most people don’t know I have a book on Wattpad titled undeniable attraction and you probably don’t know that I’m really picky when it comes to food and my French isn’t bad.

24. What’s your favourite thing to do?

Read, watch YouTube videos, sing off key, sleep and eat.

25. What made you decide to start a blog?

I just sort of got into it. Early this year, I had some things I was dealing with and just writing about it helped and also kept me busy but the main reason I started this blog is to motivate myself and someone that reads it to take action and just become the best version of themselves.

26. Something you wish you could do.

I wish I could draw, dance and play the piano so I just pray I have a friend or boyfriend that’s good with at least one. I often imagine having someone that will be drawing me or just singing love songs to me while playing the piano, I just think it’s cute.

27. Endless money or endless Love?

Damn, this is so hard but I’ll go for the money, someone will still love me anyways.

28. What’s your go to hairstyle?

This. ⬇️ I do it with my natural hair which isn’t long

29. Top five countries you’ll love to visit?

Paris, London, Italy, Dubai and America.

30. How has this year been so far?

So far this year has been really good because I got to grow so much, learn new things and and just reconstruct my mindset and all. I also met a lot of amazing people this year that have been of great help to me and above all God really did a lot for me and my family and I’m so grateful for that. I just choose to look at the blessings and learn from the mistakes and the not so good things that happened.

I think this was fun, what do you think? What’s your favourite question or response and what will you reply to endless money or endless Love?

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  1. Wow, your dreams are great and achievable, Lovely introduction! Good luck with everything you want to do!

    1. Thank you 😊
      Good luck with everything you do as well. πŸ€—

  2. Awwwnnn. Twas beautiful reading through.

  3. Lovely, thanks
    On Sat, Dec 12, 2020, 08:57 Nianni LifestyleBlog wrote:
    > nianni posted: β€œHey loves, I’m doing a proper introduction of myself > today, so it’s going to be thirty questions to get to know me better. 1. > Who are you? I’m Anita Mokogwu and I’m from Nigeria, Delta State. I am > really passionate about growth and becoming the best ve” >

  4. Belated birthday wishes Anita and it was nice to find out more about you.

  5. It was nice getting to know you.
    Glad to see that your also from delta state Nigeria ( lol)
    I would also love to learn French ( 😏)

    I loved this post ❀️

    1. Awww, we’re both from Delta State, that’s nice.
      I can teach you the ones I know πŸ˜„
      I’m glad you love it 😊😊😊

      1. Lol
        Not a problem

  6. Happy belated birthday Anita. This was fun to read.

    1. Thanks 😊
      I’m glad you found it fun πŸ˜€

  7. Belated Happy birthday! πŸ₯³ and wow you’re tall I’m 5’4 πŸ˜…. These questions were fun and really nice getting to know you more. Do you mind if I use some of these questions for a future blog post? 😊

    1. Thanks 😊
      Sure, you can use them.

  8. Beautiful post and it was fun getting to learn more about my fellow bloggers. One day I will try this. I am too much of an introvert lol. I’m getting better.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading, you should definitely try it, I’m really interested in reading about you.

  9. Happy belated birthday! Mine was on the sixth – almost the same day! I really enjoyed this post.

    1. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy belated birthday πŸŽ‰

  10. Its nice getting to know you! Happy belated birthday πŸ₯³ we are both December babies! ❀️

    1. Thanks 😊
      That’s great πŸŽ‰, when is your birthday?

        1. That’s lovely. πŸ’ƒ

  11. Nice to get to know you! I too like to sing in the shower, haha so I’m glad I’m not alone with that!

    1. I’m sure we are a lot that sings in the shower πŸ˜‚

  12. Your childhood career dreams & your desire to have everyone find the happiest version of themselves is something I strongly resonate with! Thank you for sharing about yourself, it’s always so interesting to get to know people. 😊

    1. Thanks for reading, I’m glad it’s something you reasonate with. It’s always interesting to get to know people, it’s nice having you here. πŸ€—

  13. It is wonderful getting to know a little bit more about you! I used to bite my nails. It was a habit I wore lace gloves to break. Now days I only nibble when a nail chips or I am nervous.

    I love your go-to hairstyle! Oh that my hair was long enough to try those braids . . .
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading, it’s good that biting your nails isn’t an habit anymore.

  14. Wow! The sincerity and fun ways of expressing yourself is amazing.

    I like the off key part πŸ˜‚. I could teach you how not to sing off key again and how to draw also.

    Your childhood dreams are cool. Please send me those pictures of your shoes, bags and clothes you designed.😊

    It’s really nice to meet you

    1. Thanks 😊. Nice to meet you too

  15. Happy Belated Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    It’s really amazing to get to know and can I just say we have a lot in common as I found myself saying me too throughout this article.

    Sooo… Should I start calling you Anita now??

    1. Thank you 😊

      That’s nice, it’s nice to know we have a lot in common.

      You can if you want to. πŸ˜ƒ

  16. That means I can continue calling Nianni, right???

  17. So great getting to know you better ❀

  18. These were some fun questions! I always enjoy learning more about the bloggers I follow so I appreciate you sharing this post

  19. I wish I could draw, dance and play the piano alsoπŸ˜‚… Interesting post and I enjoyed it reading

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. πŸ˜€

      Lol, it’ll be nice if we could do them.

      1. Definitely nice. I’ll learn piano soon

        1. That’s nice. Wishing you all the best. πŸ‘Š

          1. Thank you Nianni 😊

  20. I love reading introductions posts! I am sure you’ll get fluent in French and learn Spanish in no time! Italian shouldn’t that complicated to learn after that. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it. πŸ€—

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