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Hey loves, we’re still in the new year mood and I’m sure we all want to have a blast in 2022 and make it our best year ever so here are twenty things you should do this year if you want to make it your best year ever and some new things to try out this year that will make you enjoy it more.

Twenty New Things To Do In 2022

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1. Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the greatest thing you could ever do. It’s an investment that can last for a lifetime and you still continuously reap the benefits. Investing in yourself now is a really good thing to do because you’re investing in your future. You can invest in yourself in so many ways and here’s how

2. Take an online course

If you have a skill or something you just want to learn taking an online course is a great way to do that and it’s also a way you can invest in yourself.

3. Start a blog or business

If you love writing and expressing yourself through your words or you just have something to share with people feel free to start a blog, it doesn’t have to be anything serious as long as you enjoy doing it or see it as an hobby.

Another thing you can do is start a business, you can find a problem in your niche, discover the solution and sell the results through products or services.

4. Spend your money wisely

2020 really shook a lot of people, some lost their jobs and had no means of livelihood and I can just imagine what it would have been like if the person had no savings because they were buying everything they could think of.

Something you should do this year with your money which I’m sure you already do is save, spend wisely and invest.

5. Learn A Skill

Another advisable thing is to learn a skill more advisable is to learn high income skills like copywriting, web design, sales closing and so on. You can also decide to learn other things as well and make it a hobby or start a business through them like catering, events decoration, fashion designing and the likes. It’s a good way to occupy yourself and also make money from.

6. Learn A New Language

Another great thing to do is to learn a new language. It helps you connect with other people in the world effectively without a communication barrier.

7. Read Self Improvement Books

Self improvement books are the way to go if you’re trying to discover yourself and your life purpose, work on yourself, your habits and mindset and just to improve your life in general and be more positive and happy. If there’s any area of your life you want to work on there’s a book for it. Another set of books to read are financial books.

There are a lot of books I read that changed my mindset and if you want me to make a post or recommendations for books to read comment it down below.

8. Watch motivational videos

YouTube is my go to place for this. There are a lot of channels that uploads motivational videos related to success and all the good stuff. You can watch Tedx talks as well, Jay Shetty, Les Brown, T.D Jakes and so on. You can also watch videos of financial gurus like Gary Vee, Dan Lok, Grant Gardone etc.

You can do well to watch them in the morning when you just wake up or when you are about to sleep, it’s what I do.

9. Listen to uplifting podcasts

This is something I’m trying to get into more. I listen to podcasts but just a few friends that are podcasters and I’m hoping to broaden my podcast horizon so if you have any suggestions leave them below and if you prefer listening to watching or reading podcasts are great.

10. Change your old habits

I finally read Atomic Habits and I’m so glad I did, it’s my first read of the year and it was a really good one. In his book, James Clear shares way you can change your old habits and develop a new one. I will most likely do a post on how to change your old habits and habits to develop in 2021.

A good thing to do is change your bad habits especially ones that are harmful to you and your body.

11. Say your affirmations

I’m really big on affirmations. They are just a good way to staying positive and you can create yours as well, it doesn’t have to be long or anything as long as you can connect with it. A good thing to do this year is to say your affirmations day and night.

Here’s my latest on affirmations

12. Journal

Journaling your thoughts is a good way to track them, your emotions, your feelings and a lot more. It is an exercise you will enjoy doing and learn about yourself more from doing them.

A white journal with a gold pen

13. Meditate and exercise

This can also be pray and exercise. I prefer praying to meditation but sometimes you just need to sit and listen to your inner voice and connect with it.

One thing I’ll love to do is exercise, nothing major though, just do some things that can reduce belly fat since my stomach is slipping away from the flat tummy gang.

14. Spend less time on your phone

We all fall into the hole of social media and just sink into it more and more and more it’s only advisable to spend less time on your phone especially if you’re not working with it. Try avoiding distractions when working and try connecting more with people around you.

Some Things You Can Do When We Finally Say Goodbye To Corona And No longer On Lockdown

16. Attend A Social Event

Hopefully when the whole Corona experience is over we will get to skip zoom meetings and video calls and meet in person, attend a seminar, workshop or party and just connect with other people physically.

17. Travel

I know a lot of people had a lot of travel plans that got cancelled so hopefully when things get better this year it will be a good thing to explore and visit the countries and places you want to.

18. Do something you’ve never done

Now is a good time to do something you’ve never done, try out something you’ve always wanted to do, go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Visit that restaurant, try out new recipes, climb that mountain and just explore and have fun.

19. Hang out with friends and family

Hopefully we get to do this more this year and just have a general family get together and also hang out with friends going out on lunch dates, picnic and doing other fun things.

20. Live

Just do what you want to do, be who you want to be. Create the life you want to live and don’t let anything stop you. Most importantly don’t stop yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. Live, love, learn, laugh.

21. Create your dream life

Everyone has goals, dreams and aspirations, this year live it, work towards it. Do your best to live your dream life, get that dream job, buy your dream house, publish that book. Whatever thing you want for yourself this year, do your best to create it. To help set your goals the right way you’ll need a checklist for the things your goals need and a planner to help you plan them efficiently, get your 2022 goal setting planner for FREE here

What are the things you’ll be doing on this list and what isn’t on the list that you’ll love to do?

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Wishing you all the best in your plans for the year. 🤗

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  1. This is a great list and reminder of some things that are important! I also love affirmations and I practice gratitude everyday and say my affirmations with them. It’s a great way to begin your day!
    Also I agree with the starting a new language or skill! I have been learning German and I also would love to learn Spanish, Chinese and Japanese in the future! It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and be able to communicate with others too!

    1. That’s great, affirmations and practicing gratitude is a really good way to start your day. It’s a good thing that you want to learn all these languages and you are currently learning one.

      Wishing you all the best.
      Thanks for your comment🤗

    2. Wonderful tips! I have a full time blog and am planning my content better. I am also learning to invest in myself .

      1. That’s great, investing in a us wonderful as well as paying attention to your blog. Keep it up. 💪

  2. Spectacular write up
    Highly insightful, I so much love this.

    Thank you Nianni.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it 🤗

  3. I like to combine listening to podcasts with exercise by tuning in while walking. Yes, a couple of our planned trips were cancelled in 2020. Can’t wait to be able to travel again soon! So glad you mentioned the book Atomic Habits by James Clear! I have that book & plan to read it this month!

    1. That’s a really nice thing to do, you get to do two things at once evil listening to the podcast and taking a walk.

      I hope you get to read it

      What are some of your favourite podcasts to listen to?

      1. Some of my favorites podcasts to listen to while walking include This American Life, Hidden Brain, Choose FI, and the Bigger Pockets Money podcasts. I was recently a guest on this one, talking about catching up retirement savings after a late start:

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. 🤗

  4. These are some great suggestions. I would love to learn a language this year so that when I travel I can put it into practice.

    1. Yes I’ll love that as well. Hopefully we get to do that and more this year. 💯

  5. Yes, yes, yes to all of these points! This is such a motivating post – I’m definitely trying to spend more wisely this year and work towards the goals of creating my dream life xx

    1. That’s amazing. Wishing you all the best in creating your dream life.

  6. This is such a great post, this year I plan to study Korean and to pay off my credit card. I also want to blog more consistantly.

    1. That’s nice. I wish you success in them.

  7. This is such a great post! Investing in ourselves I think it’s the best goal we can achieve this year as well as learning something new. I started learning Korean at the end of last year and I find it so rewarding to learn something new! Looking forward to reading about the habits post. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for reading 🤗

      Yes, it always pays to invest in yourself and learn something new, it feels great.

  8. I’m definitely working on some of these already. Learning a new language is something I’ve been considering for a while now. I did French and German at school, so I’d probably opt for Spanish. Hanging out with family and friends is something I can’t wait to do again! It’s crazy to think how much we took that for granted. Not being able to really do it for almost a year has been tough x

    1. Yes it has been tough for the people that are far away from them. That’s nice, so you speak French and German fluently? Learning Spanish will also be nice. Good luck with that. 🤗

  9. Hey nianni…another impressive title as usual. Well, I have done most of wat is on the list apart from some personal things that are bothering me…but I haven’t travelled, I spend more time on my phone cause of my business and my talent and I don’t have a journal because I don’t think I can keep up with it…
    But I like the ideas…qudos

    1. Thanks for reading

      Oh, what personal things are bothering you?

  10. Great post and wonderful suggestions! I’m really big on affirmations as well. I find they really help put me in a more positive state of mind and help me accomplish my goals. I love your advice to just live and do what you want to do. To not let anything including yourself, stop you! Amazing!!

    1. Thank you 🤗
      I love affirmations too and want thing I really want to do this year is just do what I want to do and not stop myself. Hopefully I get to do them. 💯

  11. I love this! I for one cannot wait to socialise and spend time with friends and family when this is all over! I’d also love to get back out there and go travelling!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. That’s nice, I can’t wait to socialize and spend time with friends as well.

  12. This is a great list! I keep saying “yes, I’ll have to do this” with all of them. Haha. Especially the phone one. But with being a blogger, I find it hard to take a step back from
    Social media.

    1. Yeah, staying away from social media as a blogger can be really hard.

  13. Wonderful post! Number 6: ‘Learn a language’ is something I want to accomplish this year. I need to get in the habit of doing Duolingo more often. I’ve been journaling for a long time, but I lack consistency lol.

    1. That’s nice. I hope you get to do them more. Which language are you hoping to learn?

  14. Great things. Definitely going to develop new skills this year and get better.

    1. That’s great. Wishing you all the best. 🤗

  15. Really useful post and very pertinent to 2021! I want this year to be a better one as 2020 was an extremely difficult and stressful year (not Covid related). It’s looking better so far but these tips will help keep me focused! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you get to overcome the tough times and get all your heart desires. Wishing you all the best. 🤗

  16. A great list of things to do any year but particularly now to help get through the pandemic. Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful year. 🤗

  17. A good thing to do is change your bad habits especially ones that are harmful to you and your body.

    Great advice. Thanks for this

    1. You’re welcome 😊
      Thanks for reading 🤗

  18. I agree with all of these! Learning a new hobby (like a new language or traveling) and strengthening your relationships with family are great examples! As of now, I’m juggling querying (my YA novel), college, blog, social media, and my relationships! Busy, busy, busy but gotta learn how to balance. Thank you so much for this! Followed!


    1. Seems like you’re really going to be busy this year. Wishing you all the best with your book, blog, relationships, college and everything. 🤗

  19. Some fab tips to ensure we all have a great year.
    A new hobby is always something I love to try when a new year begins.

    Emma | http://www.lifeofemmax.co.uk

    1. That’s nice. Wishing you a happy New year 🎉

  20. As this year my main personal focus is my physical and mental health I want to read more self help books as I currently only have 1 Atomic Habits. So I am definitely always looking out for recommendations. These are some great suggestions to do this year. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading ❤️
      It’s a good thing that you’re prioritizing your health more this year.

  21. Investing in yourself is truly the biggest flex one should have in 2021. I strongly believe in doing online courses so you expand your skills and qualifications during this pandemic whilst many of us are at home.

    Great post!

    Nons Mshengu – Cher Belle

    1. Yes, investing in yourself is the real deal.
      Thanks for reading 🤗

  22. Saving money and starting a journal are two of my main focuses this year. 2020 hit us all hard, so it’s important to stay on track of our finances, and I’d like to start journaling more as I’d like to be able to look back on my experiences in the future (not that we can do much anyway this year! :P). Great post, thanks for sharing x

    Sophie | Love and Literature

    1. That’s great, those are nice things to work on. I also started tracking my finances and trying to save. Hopefully this year is better for all of us. 🤗

      Thanks for reading ❤️

  23. the fact that you made this 21 things because of 2021 is such a small thing but I have no idea why i appreciated it HAHA. “Live” and “Create your dream life” were the two of my favorite ones because I think as a workaholic, i don’t really live much except in front of my computer, and even though I am working to create my dream life, I seem to have forgotten that I also want my dream life to be one where relaxation and grind is balanced, thank you for helping me realise this <3

    1. That’s nice. It’s also my main theme for the year because I feel like I don’t do things I want to do because of fear and the rest and I also don’t connect to people physically and mostly spend time on my phone trying to work some things out.

      Hopefully it works out in the end and we get to live the life of our dreams. ❤️

  24. Invest in yourself was my BIGGEST takeaway from last year and something I’m throwing myself into in 2021. Great tips!

    1. Thank you 😊
      It’s a process I’m hoping to always continue.

  25. I wish I can do no. 16 & 17 this year. Hehehe. No. 21 is something I plan to do all these years. I believe should do it this year. Good post! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I wish I could do 16 and 17 as well hopefully before the year runs out. And 21 is a life goal, to create and live the life of my dreams. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  26. I think 2021 is definitely going to look different with what we can and cannot do, but a lot of these still apply greatly. It’s always good to better yourself and learn new things! A new year is a great time to start applying new things to your life.

    1. Yes it is. A new year is definitely a good time to start afresh and learn, unlearn and relearn

  27. Wonderful article and so many great suggestions! I really hope I can travel a bit more this year, but seeing as how covid is on the rise, I’m not sure. I love affirmations, it really helps to reframe negstive thoughts and put you in a positive state. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I love affirmations as well. I just can’t wait for covid to disappear but we’re going to have a great year irregardless. 💪🏾

  28. This is a fantastic list. Honestly, all of these suggestions could keep us busy this year and even into the next. I’m working on a number of these already and as I free up a bit of time or finish one of these, I will be working on some others. I’ve been meaning to read Atomic Habits for a while now, so I will make sure I get to it this year.

    1. That’s nice. It’s a really good book to read. I hope you get to do all you want to. Wishing you all the best. 🤗

  29. I loved everything on your list from learning something new, doing something different, and writing, but your next to last reminder: live was so powerful I shall hold it with me. The simple act of living and loving it is a thing to practice. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. It’s so important that we don’t just simply exist but we live and love. 🙂

  30. This is the list! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for checking it out.

  31. Nice ideas in here! I would like to exercise more and spend less time online this year.

    1. That’s nice. I hope you get to do that. 💯

  32. Your list is covering all possible points that could help one in achieving more heights in 2021.
    Thanks for posting. 😊

    1. Thanks for reading. Wishing you all the best in 2021 🎉

  33. Great post! I think some of these ideas are fantastic for improving your mental health this new year. I love the idea of affirmations, I think they can be great for encouraging a healthier mind-set about yourself 🙂

    1. Yes, affirmations are great. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  34. I love all of these but my favorite is “live”! That is my main focus this year, to live boldly and bravely. As this past year has shown us, life is short and can be disrupted at any time.

    1. Yes, life is short, it’s so important to live your life the way you want.

  35. These are some really great ideas! I personally love journaling & using affirmations. They’ve both really helped me in these first couple of weeks of the year. I definitely need to focus on investing in myself more though, learning something new and getting off my phone more though! Great tips once again, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It’s a good thing that you journal and use affirmations and you want to invest in yourself more this year. That’s great. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🤗

  36. I love this positive, empowering post! Some of the things are already regular habits for me (I watch soo many TEDx talks!!) but you’ve given me some great ideas for extra things to do, like planning ahead for being able to travel and socialise again! Thanks for sharing this! Kate x

    1. Thanks for reading. It’s a good thing that you were able to draw up some great ideas from the post. 💯

  37. What a helpful post! I love the phrase Live the Life you Want to Live! It’s a perfect philosophy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading. Yes, it’s a really good philosophy. 💯

  38. Happy to see that I’m working on most of these. So many great ideas to focus on to improve your life. And I certainly hope I’ll be able to travel again in 2021.

    1. That’s great. It’s good to know that you are working on them already. Hopefully 2021 becomes better.

  39. […] 21 Things You Should Do In 2021 If You Want To Make It Your Best Year […]

  40. Great post!

    Some really great ideas. Investing in yourself should definitely be at the top of our lists. I’ve decided to take free online courses with all this time on my hands from being cooped up in the house.

    By the way, do you have any podcast recommendations, I’ve been listening to Crime Junkie and I’d love a new one.

    1. Thank you. Investing in yourself by taking online courses is good.

      I don’t have any podcasts recommendations for now.

  41. 2020 surely showed everyone how financially fragile we all are. Spending your money wisely and staying agile in your skill set can’t be overstated. Great list

    1. Thank you. It’s so important to spend wisely because you could loose your savings to something you probably don’t even need. Thanks for commenting. Have a great day. 🤗

  42. This was a great post, I actually started blogging this year and it’s super amazing and fun. I had all these things in my mind that I wanted to talk about and blogging seems to be a perfect way to do it. I really love all 21 points, If I could I would add take more risks a number 22! sometimes we need to give ourselves the permission to take risks:) Thank you for your post

    1. That’s great. Welcome to the blogging community 🤗
      I’m glad you love the points and I agree with you on taking risks. Sometimes we just need to step out of our comfort zone. It’s something I’m still a bit scared to do.

      Thanks for reading, nice to have you here.

      1. yeah I’m trying to take some risks after years of making myself fit the social norms of society, it’s scary but it’s worth it. Btw by the points that you mentioned I felt your character very similar to mine…it felt good to read something to relate to 🙂

        1. That’s great. Thank you 🤗
          Often times we often get moulded by others and it’s good that you are finding your way around, it’s so worth it.

  43. Hey! Nicely written. Nice ideas to implent in the year. Btw, I am Sahil, a lifestyle blogger.https://luxuriouslifestyle.design.blog/
    Do enjoy reading my blogs. Do like and follow. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’ll check out your blog. 🤗

  44. I really loved #20! I think this one really summed up the theme of the post and the theme we should use in 2021—live (whatever that means to each person). Great post!

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