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Hey loves, happy weekend. This month is almost over and we’ll be rolling into a new month few hours from now. How was the month of January for you so far? I decided to add something new to the blog which will be the What I Read Series and it will come up at the end of every month. So this is the first post in the series which is what I read in January 2021 where I get to share the books I read this month so if you are looking for some great books to read for your personal development stick around.

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6 Books I Read In January 2021

1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

Since last year I had this book on my reading list after coming across it in several book reviews and suggestions so I made this book the first book I read this year and it was really worth it.

If you are looking to develop good habits and let go of bad habits then this book is highly recommended. If you find reading books tasking I have a few posts on habits so be sure to check them out.

So I learnt about the three layers of behavior change- Outcome, Processes and Identity. Outcome is about what you get. Processes are about what you do. Identity is about what you believe.

How to break a bad habit

1st law – (Cue) – Make it invisible.

2nd law – (Craving) – Make it unattractive.

3rd law – ( Response) – Make it difficult.

4th law – ( Reward) – Make it unsatisfying.

The reverse is the case if you are trying to develop a good habit.

2. Who are you? By Dr Kumiyi Olukoya

This book is all about knowing about your identity in Christ and what you possess and are entitled to as a child of God.

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3. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

This was also on my reading list for last year but I never got to read it. It’s a really good book as well that I feel we all need to read.

Essentialism is a disciplined systematic approach for determining where our highest point of contribution lies then making execution of those things almost effortless. The way of the essentialist is the relentless pursuit of less but better. It is the path to being in control of our own choices by focusing on what is absolutely essential by eliminating everything else. It is basically about not getting more things but more about getting the right things done. It focuses on three elements- explore, eliminate and execute.

If this is something you will like to embrace then I suggest you read it to learn more.

4. Become A Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Daily by Joel Osteen

This was a book I really enjoyed reading although the pages were 909. I started reading the book last year and stopped before getting to the twentieth page because I felt like I couldn’t read half of the book. So this year I decided to read at least hundred pages a day but there were days where I skipped it but I made up for it.

Key points from the book.

1. Keep pressing forward.

2. Be positive towards yourself.

3. Develop better relationships.

4. Form better habits

5. Embrace the place where you are.

6. Develop your inner life.

7. Stay passionate about life.

5. Identity- Discover Who You Are And Live A Life Of Purpose by T.D Jakes

This is also a good book to read if you are trying to discover your purpose and live a life of purpose.

There are 7 chapters titled.

1. You are on purpose.

2. Get ready for your moment.

3. Elevate your understanding of purpose.

4. Experience the God of purpose.

5. Find your place of deposit.

6. Identify unrealized potential.

7. Unwrap the gift of exposure.

6. 64 Lessons For A Life Without Limits by T.D Jakes

This was another great book to read. It is divided into eight sections with the eight sections having eight chapters each.

The eight sections are titled:

1. Get a reading of your reality.

2. Recalibrate your life.

3. Resurrect your vision

4. People possibilities

5. Money, money, money.

6. Mindfully relate and mate.

7. Get back up again.

8. Live your dream.

So those are the six books I read this January. I will love to know what you’ve read on the list or what is on the list that you are hoping to read.

I also need suggestions for what to read this February. I want to read books on relationships so if you know any book that has some really good advice and tips on relationships be sure to recommend them below.

Thanks for checking this out, let me know what you think of the what I read series and if it’s something you’ll be interested in.

Don’t forget to follow, comment and share. Enjoy your weekend 🤗


  1. All of these books seem so interesting. I really admire how much you read. I think I need to read some of these. They sound great!! I added some to my reading list, thanks 😀

    1. Thank you. I am glad to hear that you added some to your reading list. Happy reading. 😃

  2. Really great post and a brilliant selection of books by the sound of it. I’ve not read or heard of any of these but I am interested in Indentity.

    1. That’s great, I hope you get to read it.

  3. I always love seeing what other people have been reading and enjoying so I can add their recommendations to my own TBR. I love how your January reading list featured lots of educational, mindfullness books which isn’t my usual genre but I’m intrigued!

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. Thanks, that’s great. I hope you get to add some to your reading list.

  4. I love TD Jakes’ sermons but I’ve never read his books before. I’m definitely going to add those two to my TBR

    Chelle | http://www.chellebelle2016.blogspot.com

    1. That’s nice, you’ll enjoy reading his books then. 😃

  5. WOW I love how all your books are themed round a topic! I’m much more of a fiction book reader, but am currently trying to work my way through my bookcase before I pick up a new book!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. Thanks. That’s good. Do you have any recommendations on books for relationships?

  6. Aweome collection, I love personal development books and didn’t hear
    for most of them. Thanks for recommending..

    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for checking them out.

  7. I love to see what other people read! It looks like you had a productive reading month! I heard just about a couple of them but Atomic Habits is on my list now! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for checking it out. You should definitely read Atomic Habits, it’s a good one.

  8. Wow! Reading 6 books in a month! I need to up my game. I think all I read was the deliveroo menu this month! The 64 Lessons For A Life Without Limits book sounds really good.

  9. I love seeing what others have been reading. It looks like you read quite a few great books. I really need to read Atomic Habits, I swear I keep seeing it on people’s blogs and it’s just reinforcing the fact that I need to grab a copy and read it. I will have to check out some of the others you read as well as they sound like books I would enjoy and learn from.

  10. Wonderful selection of books especially since they all seem to capture the importance of self improvement. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, they are really great books. Thanks for reading.

  11. These are some great recommendations, Definitely be adding a few of these to be TBR list, especially the self improvement books! Much needed thank you!

    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  12. Amazing post! I already have Atomic Habits on my to read list, but I think I may add a few from your January reads. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you get to read the books.

  13. Amazing post! I’ve mostly read fiction this month, but I’m thinking of reading Atomic Habits next month. Thanks for sharing what you read!

    1. That’s nice. I hope you get to read it. Thanks for commenting.

  14. Great post, seems you had a good self-improvement January. The books sound quite interesting~

    1. Yes they are really good books to read. Have a great day 🤗

  15. I have not heard of any of these books, but they sound like a learning experience as well as an amazing way to spend time!

    1. Yes they are. You could check them out as well. Have a great day. 🤗

  16. I have not heard of any of these books, but they sound like a learning experience as well as an amazing way to spend time! Love your mini-chapter breakdowns and key lists as well as your thoughts on what you took away. 🙂

  17. It is great that you’ve read six books in January! So interesting to learn about the steps to break bad habits. When you make it seem bad, it is easier to let go of it. Love that you read about self-improvement! That’s what we need in 2021! Thanks for sharing some of these lovely books!

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

    1. Thanks for checking it out. It’s nice that you were able to get something from this. Have a lovely day. ❤️

  18. It really looks like you’ve had a great month reading self improvement books – I admire you for doing so! Have a great February reading!

    1. Thanks 😊
      Have a great February reading as well. 🤗

  19. You will become a super woman after all these readings!

  20. I mostly read fiction books but a lot of these sound really good! I’m trying to get better habits to help with the whole life changing during lockdown thing, Atomic habits sounds like it’ll be a good read! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. Atomic Habits is a good read.

  21. Wow! Although I am not a book worm, I do like reading some genre books. Lovely post BTW! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Which books do you like reading?

      1. I usually read crime thriller related books like Agatha Christie! But that too very less! Like 2-3 books a year! 😅

        1. Oh, that’s not a problem. Happy New Month ❣️

  22. Wow six books in a month is impressive… I managed two fiction novels. I admire your drive for self-improvement too, these all sound so interesting, especially in terms of increasing self-positivity. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you get to read at least one of the books.

  23. I love posts like this as it gives me an idea of what I can add to my Goodreads shelf. Identity- Discover who you are, and live a life of purpose, sounds like a book I need to read. Thank you for sharing! 😊

    1. It’s good that you like them. They are really good books, I hope you get to check them out. Happy New Month ❣️

  24. These sound like such incredible self help books! I definitely want to read number 4, it sounds so good x

    1. Yes it is. You should totally check it out. Happy New Month ❣️

  25. Good list of books, I’m currently reading Think Like a Monk which I am really enjoying. Have shared your post on my Pinterest board.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I love Jay Shetty, think like a monk is definitely a must read.

  26. Such a reader you are! Im not very fan of self-help books, they usually bore me. But I’ve read a few, and by chance, I’m reading Covey’s b.seller: 7 habits…. Which my son recommended. Your How to break a bad habit looks interesting to me. Maybe, when a finish this one. Thank you for sharing your list with us!

    1. Thanks for checking out the list. Covey’s book is really nice. I hope you get to read the post on habits.

      Have a wonderful month 🤗

  27. An amazing reading list for me here! I am defo trying to read more books in 2021!


    1. Sorry pressed enter too early! I tend to only read fiction books but these certainly seem like great reads.

      I am trying to be a bit more open to different types of books so I will check these out x

      1. Yes they are really good books to read. You should definitely check it out.
        Happy New Month ❣️

  28. Become A Better You sounds like my sort of read. But these are some great suggestions, I’ll definitely be checking some of these out! x

    1. Thanks, I hope you check them out and enjoy reading it.

  29. Motso Lifestyle Blog

    January was a tricky month at the beginning but became smoother towards the end. I’d love to check out the first book you reviewed. It’s also been on my list.

    1. I hope you have a better February. You should definitely try reading it if you have the time.

  30. Great selection, all the books sounds interesting 🤔
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading. Thru are great books to read.

  31. Great books.

    I should pick up on some and added to my reading list

    1. That’s great. I hope you get to read them.

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