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Hey loves, Valentine’s day is around the corner and we’ve been seeing things to get for your partner on Valentine’s day and I haven’t really seen things you can get or do for yourself on Valentine’s day especially if you are single and there’s no special someone to actually spend the day with or exchange gifts with so if you are single and wondering what you can do for yourself this Valentine’s day then this post is for you. It’s also for you if you have a partner but just want to do something extra for yourself so keep on reading.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Valentine packages and I usually go “God when” after I see them because I’m always like someone will love me one day and I’ll finally get a Valentine’s package or someone to spend the day with. It affects me a little when I wonder on the fact that there’s no one that will even send me “I’m happy to have you in my life.” Deep down we all or at least I want to wake up on Valentine’s day to a lovely message and get a Valentine package of something I really want or go somewhere I want to go with a person who I want but right now it doesn’t seem really visible but hopefully someday soon.

Anyway, instead of thinking of all the cute things I can get from someone or the nice places we could go to I’ve actually turned it around to what can I get for myself. What can I do for myself that will really make me happy on that day or any day in general.

How To Show Love To Yourself On Valentine’s Day

1. Make a list of things you love about yourself.

I mentioned earlier on wishing to wake up to a lovely message but instead of waiting for someone else to send that for me I could actually do it for myself by just writing down what I want to hear or see.

You could write a love letter to yourself. I know it sounds weird but I’ve done this before and it really made me feel good about myself. Throughout that week I was feeling like I was on cloud nine. You can try it out but if it seems to weird for you then you could simply just list out five things you love about yourself.

Pink and red cardboards with pink and red hearts.

2. Do something that makes you happy

What makes you happy?

Do more of things that makes you happy. If it’s eating a food, reading a book, binge watching TV shows and movies, listening to music or writing do it.

I’ll definitely be doing something on this list on that day even if it’s something I do every other day.

Something else that makes me happy is acting out my dream life or something I really want to do or get because it just makes me hopeful that I can get it and motivates me to get it done.

A TV with Netflix on the screen and a hand holding the remote.

3. Treat yourself to something

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Why don’t you do that on Valentine’s day.

You could treat yourself to breakfast in bed or a dinner at your favourite restaurant. Whatever seems like the ultimate treatment for you is what you should do.

Breakfast tray with cereals, bread and fruits.

4. Pamper yourself

Give yourself the queen treatment that you want and deserve. Get your hair and makeup done, get a spa treatment, get those manicure and pedicure. Have that bubble bath with candles lit. Have that ultimate self care treatment that you crave because it will leave you feeling satisfied and happy afterwards.

A woman at a spa

5. Dress up

I’m not one to put effort in my appearance if I’m not going anywhere because I feel no one is going to see me but dressing up for the occasion rather than just sitting in your pajamas all day will make a difference. You can decide to dress up fancy and take pictures afterwards, believe me you’ll feel good after doing that but if it’s not something you’ll rather do you can just wear whatever you are comfortable in.

A woman looking fancy taking a mirror selfie

6. Get something for yourself.

I’m sure if I asked you what you want at the moment a lot of things will come to mind. Why don’t you just get it for yourself instead. Buy yourself a gift whatever thing it is that you want, the perfume, heels, bag or anything.

Dolce Gabbana perfumes

You can do whatever makes you happy, it doesn’t have to be something on the list and if nothing here freaks you out you can take a nice siesta, I know I’ll be taking one myself.

Red and white hearts

Thanks for reading, let me know something on the list you’ll be trying out and how you hope to spend Valentine’s day.

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Have a lovely Valentine’s day.

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  1. These are great! I’ve always found the traditional way of Valentine’s Day a little sad for other people, but if you see it as celebrating love in all it’s aspects, it’s so much fun!

    1. Yes it is. Thanks for reading. 💛

  2. I’m so glad lists like these exist. It’s important to show love to yourself as well, not just to others and these are great ways to do that.

  3. This post is sooo cute! All of my sisters are engaged and/or married now so we’re all going to be doing V Day with our men but these ideas are lovely!


  4. Love this! I think the idea of treating yourself or dressing up is always a fun thing to do around Valentine’s. Thanks for sharing.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

    1. Yes it is. Thanks for reading. 💛

  5. Great Post. It’s always good to show.yourself a little bit of appreciation and Valentines Day is a great excuse for it

    1. Yes ,Valentine’s day is a great excuse for that.

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  7. Love these ideas, I don’t get much me time with lockdown and us all at home, when we are allowed out again I can not wait to go and get pampered! Thank you for this lovely post

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy Valentine’s day. 💛

  8. Great post. This is so much fun. Thanks for sharing ❤️ https://uncuaderno4cero.wordpress.com/

  9. Very relatable post Nianni, I’ll try the “writing down things I love about myself” one and to be honest, I doubt I’ve read a very empowering post for singles on Valentine’s day like yours.

    Great work! And Happy Valentine’s day in advance.

    1. Thanks 😊
      It’s good to know you enjoyed the post and found it empowering.
      Happy Valentine’s day in advance 🎉

  10. Love these ideas! Writing down what you love about yourself is such a great way to celebrate as well as pampering yourself! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Yes it’s so good to write what you love about yourself. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  11. These are all wonderful ways to love yourself and take care of yourself! Thanks for sharing ❤️

    1. Yes they are. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  12. I love all these ideas, especially treating yourself and dressing up for the day xx

    1. Yes, that’s something to look forward to. 🤗

  13. Some good tips, and what I love about them is that you can use them any of time to show yourself love or practice self care.

    1. Definitely. It’s not particularly for Valentine’s day only.

  14. Wonderful post! I think you are absolutely right! Instead of waiting around for someone to do something nice for us on Valentine’s Day, we ought to just do it for ourselves. We can’t teach someone else how to love us, if we don’t know how to love ourselves. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. That’s true. Thanks for reading 🤗. Happy Sunday ❣️

  15. I was just thinking about self-gifts, so I love that you include treating yourself on this amazing list! I will be having a jolly time this Valentine’s day and look forward to watching something fun and maybe dressing up. 🙂

    1. That’s great. I look forward to doing that as well. 🙂

  16. Great ideas, if you single doesn’t mean you can’t show love to yourself. I always say to my friend to treat herself with something she likes and feel good.

    1. That’s good. We should do something that makes us feel good from time to time.

  17. I’m going to have a bath, pamper, order a takeaway and watch Netflix! And I can’t wait 🙂 x

    1. I can’t wait either. 🙃

  18. What would be a better way of celebrating Valentine’s day than treating ourselves with lots of love? Loved your ideas of self-gifting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🤗

  19. Love this! Treats and a nice coffee is my go to. I usually brew my coffee everyday to save money so I love a nice sugary fatty starbucks special coffee haha Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day x


    1. Nice. Thanks, I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day as well.

  20. Love these ideas – especially writing a list of what you love about yourself! It’s always nice to treat yourself too 🙂 xx

    Caroline | https://envirolineblog.com/

    1. Yes it is. Happy Sunday ❣️

  21. Pampering myself is something I can do but I don’t like anything about myself, accept my sense of humour, which doesn’t really make for much of a list

    1. There are other things you can like about yourself like your smile, your physical features,how you handle things, how you make others feel good, how you relate well with others and the list goes on.

  22. Love this post! Great list of ideas. Thanks for posting!

  23. Well this doesn’t at all make me feel even more single (maybe I should try this to see if it helps).

    1. Lol, you should definitely try it out. 💛

  24. These are all great ideas. We focus so much on finding our worth in other people, but external love isn’t as satisfying without loving yourself anyway. It sounds like you’re going to have a happy and fulfilling valentines day! xx

    1. Yes. Wishing you a lovely February. How’s your day going?

  25. Some great tips, and it is so important to love ourselves!

  26. I’ve been married for almost 3 years and with my husband for almost 6, but I STILL do these things for myself regularly. It’s important to continue showing yourself love and appreciation, even when you’re in a committed relationship! I’m glad you shared this 🙂

    1. I’m glad you already practice this, that’s really good. Wishing you many more years in your marriage. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  27. These are such lovely ideas. I think it is really important that we love ourselves all the time, but for those who are just starting their self love journey these are brilliant tips x x

    1. Yes it is really important to love ourselves all the time. Thanks for reading. 🤗

  28. These are some great ideas, pampering yourself is probably the one I’ll be doing the most as it’s my favourite way to exercise self care x

    1. That’s great. Enjoy your week. 🤗

  29. Love this! I’m going to think about exactly what I’d like to do ❤️

  30. Awesome blog post! I love all of the photos! 🙂

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