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Hey loves, it’s a new month already. Happy New Month, I pray you get to accomplish your goals for the month and get the things you desire. As always, here’s a post on powerful affirmations for the month of July. Be sure to declare these affirmations with convinction.

31 Daily Powerful Affirmations For The Month Of July

• This month I experience divine acceleration.

• This month is filled with miracles and breakthroughs.

•Today is a great day

• Today is a gift and I embrace it with positivity.

• I feel strong, confident and empowered.

• My life is amazing.

• I radiate love, positivity and confidence.

• I am manifesting the life I want.

• Everything will be okay.

• I have the power to make my dreams come true.

• I can get through anything.

• I love myself as I am.

• I am open to abundance in all aspects.

• I am created for great things.

• I believe in myself.

• I am a powerfully charged money magnet.

• I will remain focused and not give up.

• I am financially independent and live the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

• I attract the type of relationships I want.

• Everything is aligning in my favour.

• I am blessed.

• Good things are coming to me.

• I am prepared to take advantage of the great opportunities presented to me.

• I exude wealth.

• Everywhere I go I prosper.

• Something wonderful is about to happen to me.

• I am not held back by fear, doubt or disappointment.

• I am successful, happy and filled with peace and joy.

• My business gets better and better everyday.

• I am achieving my goals and becoming successful.

• I am constantly improving.

• I am grateful for dreams that turned into reality.

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