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Hey loves, the new year is around the corner and you have probably made new year resolutions and goals so here are some new year affirmations for 2022 to give you the restart for 2022, transform your life and give you the change you need.

31 New Year Affirmations For A Successful 2022

I’ll like to start by wishing you a happy new year and I pray that every of your goals for this year will be accomplished and you get to live the life you desire this year so check out these empowering affirmations to fuel your January and help you change your life. It contains 31 daily powerful affirmations for the month of January.

1. This year my dreams are coming true.

2. 2022 is going to be a great and marvelous year for me.

3. 2022 is the year of unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

4. I am determined to achieve great things in 2022.

5. This new year is a year of transformation for me.

6. Everyday of my life is filled with happiness and joy.

7. I make plans, visualize my goals and move towards accomplishing them.

8. My actions create financial abundance.

9. I am living a life of success, luxury and prosperity.

10. A wonderful, productive and successful time is starting now.

11. I achieve and surpass my goals for this year.

12. This is a year of abundance, peace and joy.

13. This year is filled with jaw dropping miracles.

14. All my wildest dreams are coming to me now.

15. I am highly productive, rich and wealthy.

16. I am greatly skilled and bear amazing results this year.

17. My amazing work provides me with wealth and recognition.

18. I generate massive income this year.

19. I am successful in all that I do.

20. I am a channel for inspiration and motivation.

21. My work is amazing. I am a person to reckon with.

22. I enjoy divine blessings and health.

23. I experience supernatural provision and protection.

24. I let go of the past and step into a great year.

25. I break through all self doubt and every limiting beliefs and go after the life I desire.

26. My magnetic energy draws incredible people to my world.

27. I grow my influence in 2022

28. I go after what I want this year and get it.

29. I am becoming the woman of my dreams.

30. This is the year I get everything I want.

31. I am manifesting the life of my dreams this 2022.

There you have it. 31 positive affirmations for the new year to raise your vibration, inspire and motivate you to go after whatever you want this year. This is the year you begin to transform into who you want to be and have all you desire.

If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends and family so that it can inspire them as well and motivate them to take action to create the life of their dreams this year. If you want to live the life that you desire and make 2022 your best year yet you should absolutely check out this post here

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Comment your favorite affirmations below and let me know the ones you’ll be saying often. Have a wonderful year. Happy new year. 🎉🍾

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  1. Heyyy, I am glad you’re back. I missed you🙂.

    2022 is the year of unlimited possibilities and opportunities.
    My actions create financial abundance.

    I’ll be mostly using these affirmations starting from now.

    1. Awww, I missed here too 🤎 working on being consistent again.

      That’s lovely. I hope they work for you. How have you been?

  2. I am doing great. I have been reflecting on this year a lot and making plans for the following year.

    How about you?? What’s up??

    1. I’m doing really good. Reading a book, The 5AM club. Have you read it?
      I’m also reflecting on this year and making plans for the next year.

      1. Please tell me more about it.

        1. I’m writing a blog post where I include something about it but it’s just about utilizing your mornin effectively and elevating your life by waking at 5AM and practicing some habits. I’m not done with reading it yet maybe I’ll do a review when I’m done.

          1. I’m looking forward to the review but I won’t be adding it to my reading list. I’m quite satisfied with my mornings, Amy Landino from YouTube has taught me a lot about morning routines.

          2. That’s nice. I’ll check out her channel

          3. By all means do, you’ll love her. She also talks about productivity and time management.

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