What journaling is all about and the different types of journals to keep

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Hey loves, welcome to a new blog post it’s been a while and I hope you are doing great. Today’s blog post is on everything you need to know about journaling, what journaling really is and 11 of the most powerful types of journals to keep.

What Is Journaling

Journaling is a written account of your thoughts and feelings. It is an avenue for you to express yourself as you navigate your life daily. Writing down your thoughts and feelings enables you to understand them clearly and keep track of them.

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11 Types Of Journals To Have

1. Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is really important and it is one of the journals most people keep. Having a gratitude journal helps you focus on the good and positive and helps you to remember them and be grateful for them. It helps you keep track of the good things happening in your life and also appreciate them.

2. Prayer Journal

A prayer journal helps you to connect more with God. You can write a letter to him and communicate to him through your writings. You can keep track of your prayer requests, bible passages, prayer points and just write your prayers in. Bible, prayer journal

3. Faith Journals

The faith journal is quite similar to the prayer journals. You can write all about your faith, things that deepens them, your testimonies in Christ and things you’ve learned in Christ. It enables you strengthen your faith and hope in Christ.

4. Productivity journals

Productivity journals aids your productivity and it can be used to write about your daily tasks, how you intend to go about them and when you intend to go about them and how and when you ended up doing them. It helps you keep track of your productivity and you can also know just how you procrastinate as well if you don’t do the things you needed to do when you needed to do them and what stopped you from doing them.

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5. Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal is a journal where you write down all the things you want to attract into you life, the things you want to manifest, your hopes, goals and dreams. You can write down your dream life, dream relationships, dream job, dream friendships, dream car, basically anything you want. It involves writing down your imaginations for yourself, all the best things you wish to have in a way as if you already have them or already living them.

6. Daily Journal

Daily journals are sometimes like a dairy. It’s a journal where you write about your daily activities and experience. Your feelings, to-do list, things that made you happy and whatever thing you feel like writing. A woman writing in a journal

7. Fitness Journal

If you are on a wellness and fitness journey then keeping a fitness journal will come in handy. A fitness journal enables you to track your weight gain or weight loss, your eating habits, the foods you eat, your water intake, how often you exercise, your previous and current weight and helps you know what is working best for you. Whites aesthetics, white book

8. Therapeutic Journal

Therapeutic journaling is an exercise done to bring about awareness and improve your mental health. It aims to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. It enables you analyze your thoughts and emotions and reflect on them. You can journal to manage your anxiety, depression or challenges you might be facing.

9. Finance Journal

You can also keep financial journals to keep track of your finances and account for them, how you spend and budget, your financial goals and business goals and all the things you need to do to get them. Money, finance journal, calculator

10. Travel Journals

Keeping a travel journal helps you keep track of your various travel experiences. It can be used while planning your trip to plan you flight, accommodation and all the things you will need, the places you want to see while on the trip and also narrate the experience of the things you do while on the trip and all the things you saw, are, felt and did. Travel , adventure, travel journal, camera, map, passport

11. Creative Journals

Asides from all the journals mentioned you can also keep a creative journal. In this journal you can write out your ideas for your passions and whatever sparks your creativity whether is music, writing, poems, designing, drawing, anything. You can express yourself however you like in this journal and keep it like an idea book for all the things you want to do.

Thats on it today’s post love, do you journal and what is your favourite journal to keep and what type of journaling will you love to get into? I’m looking forward to your responses please leave your comment below. Thanks for reading I hope you found the post useful please share if you did. 🤗

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