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Hey loves, July is around the corner and I want to wish you a wonderful July and share daily positive affirmations for the month of July. In this post you will be getting positive affirmations for everyday in the month of July.

31 Positive Affirmations For The Month Of July

1. July is an amazing month for me.

2. I attract my dream opportunities.

3. This new month comes with grace, blessings and favour

4. My life is filled with abundance and goodness.

5. Money finds its way to me like never before this month.

6. I joyfully create the life of my dreams.

7. I am abundant in every way.

8. I am surrounded by positive people who love and celebrate me.

9. Every good and perfect thing is coming to me this month.

10. My life is filled with joy and peace.

11. I am full of love and show love to others.

12. I am free from all destructive thoughts and fears.

13. I believe in myself and my dreams.

14. I focus on actions to create the life I want.

15. I am getting healthier each day.

16. I can achieve all my goals.

17. My plans will be successful this month.

18. My efforts will pay off this month.

19. I enjoy everyday of my life.

20. Things are working in my favour.

21. I attract positive people and things.

22. I do not fret or worry.

23. I enjoy peace of mind.

24. I am progressing and growing daily.

25. I am highly productive and prosperous.

26. I am a magnet to miracles.

27. Things are getting better each day.

28. I am flourishing into who I was created to be.

29. I am successful in all I do this month.

30. This month will be my best month yet.

31. I am grateful for what I gave and for what is about to come.

Thanks for reading, please follow, share, like and comment your favourite affirmation on the list. 🧡

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